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What’s New in WordPress 4.4?

New in WordPress 4.4 coming this December

New in WordPress coming with a Great news of wordpress powering 25% of the websites on internet is the new wordpress 4.4 version. Many people have contributed in developing the WordPress 4.4 after the release of the earlier version.

We are expecting it to be released in mid December 2015. Here are the list of features we are expecting from and are new in WordPress 4.4 version.

New in WordPress 4.4 is  Twenty Sixteen Default WordPress Theme

The tradition of the WordPress to release new theme every year has very well maintained this year too. The New Version of the WordPress is bundled with the amazing Twenty Sixteen theme.

twenty sixteen default WordPress Theme

We are still exploring its features but here are some of them that can be noted instantly.

The new in wordpress, Twenty Sixteen has a usual blog layout with great readability and compatibility to all devices.

Here are the list of features

  • Custom header with two menu locations.
  • Position for social network in the menu
  • Many Color schemes
  • Ability to create own color schemes so it is infinitely modern

new in wordpress

Best Feature that is new in WordPress 4.4

Now since the very one in four websites on the internet is powered by WordPress. And 70% of the traffic is not from a bigger screen but smaller and varied screens. This has been well take care of. The responsiveness of the site will be well taken care of. The image will can now be display based on the device capabilities. Unlike before you used to upload the high resolution image for bigger screen and thus decreasing the performance. Now all will be taken care of.

You may now be worried about what will happen to the images already added. We have a good news for you too. The previously added image will be taken care of.  Yes all of it. The featured images, or attached images or the images from the galleries. Now this will increase of performance of the 25% of the websites in the world. How cool is that?

Embedding is simplified

New in WordPress 4.4 is the embedding feature. The user can embed videos and social status very easily. Most of us haven’t though of this feature but the folks at WordPress made it possible. You can now simply copy-paste the URL in your browser. Be it YouTube url or the Facebook URL.

Another cool thing about this is you can embed from any site. Yes you can embed from your another wordpress site, But That site needs to use oEmbed for it to work. Awesome right?

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