About This Project

SerialKillerCalendar.com is the number one website for true crime information, interviews and the most unusual serial killer related merchandise on the planet. Their products have been featured in the Boston Globe, Penthouse Magazine, Fox News and newspapers/magazines around the world. Many of their items are also in the private collection of many celebrities (Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Jonathan Davis, Michael Anderson, Ken Foree, Carry Fisher, Doug Bradley, Joe Coleman and Lloyd Kaufman just to name a few). They are always adding new items.

They needed a unique design that can fit well with the theme of their business. This was a little away from the normal website.

Here is a snapshot of the design:

web design and development


December 18, 2014


Website Design

Ralung Homestay

Maintenance, Website Design
Hotel website design

Sikkim Techo Solution

Maintenance, Website Design
Website design
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