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Gary Hunter’s life has a great bearing on his prolific output. Educated in the School of Life, this versatile Yorkshire Artist’s stormy youth was not conducive to the conventional teachings of art. His natural ability to draw and paint was never questioned by those in authority. Tormented though, in his formative years by personal misfortune, at the earliest opportunity he left home to carve out for himself his own space and fortune. Hunter concentrates on quality art. For him “Quality is the Edge” and living on the edge, as he does, the articulation of coloured pigment mean more to him than just a creative process. It serves as an avenue to temper a restless spirit within; staying ever defiant, ever true, to champion the cause of real art.

Pub Sign Hunter is a website to showcase the various collection of Pub Signs for sale. It consists of a web shop and payment gateway integration. The site needs to be responsive to every screens and it should look good on devices of various sizes. This was an exiting web development and design project to work on.


November 19, 2015


Website Design

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