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Ghost Glyders sell the same hands free segways as ioHawk, PhunkeeDuck, and other various brands. Their boards contain the same motherboard, battery life, and build quality. Not only are their boards faster than other brands, they are also a fraction of the cost ioHawk and PhunkeeDuck sell for $1500+ which is outragous.

They had their own set of rules that we need to work on. Website design of Ghost Glyders was another exciting project which was absolutely amazing and awesome to work on. The development of this Site started with the design of the wireframe. The working principle was set and approved.

This was an ecommerce site and we suggested to include woocommerce to their shop. The woocommerce design and development including the payment gateway integration, we worked closely to attain the success.

Here is a quick snapshot of mobile view:



March 12, 2016


Website Design

Elite Construction

Website Design
Website Design


Website Design
WordPress Site Design
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