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downloadWordPress for freelancing is the best with regard to all fields. WordPress has been a boon to the freelancers. Regardless of the type of freelancing a person is into. Whether freelancer is a pixel manipulator, or the web developer. A photographer or anything else. Most of the people think that WordPress is a blogging tool. But believe it it is much much more than that.

WordPress is a most efficient, reliable and versatile piece of open-source software.  Not just the programmers, but there is something for everyone. Right from graphics to web. Photography to handcrafts. I have here tried to summarize how it is useful for different category of freelancers. WordPress for freelancing, as whatever you are good at is a great weapon. It is the best tool. You can design great website. Build an efficient Brand. Develop and online presence with effects. Provide and manage services. Showcase your works or talent online. WordPress for freelancing is like a gun for a soldier. Of course you can use a knife but guns are dangerous. 🙂 There are tanks too but handling is issue if you get it right.

WordPress for Freelancing as Graphics Designer.

Are you a freelance Graphic designer? So you are not into coding and development? No worries. WordPress has a fully functional, end user oriented Graphical user interface to maintain the site. You can perfectly attain the design that hits you. WordPress for freelancing as graphics designer is great to use. You can look at kriszha where Krishna has carefully used it for his graphics work.

You can design as required with little effort and no coding.  You will have an access to whole loads of already developed functionality. This assists you get your job done in minutes. You can get a popular frameworks.  Use required architecture and work on the look and feel only. The frameworks can be chosen from various providers and few are listed below:

WordPress for Freelancing as Web Designer.

If Coding functions in PHP, callbacks, MySQL database queries, and validated code is your cup of tea.Web developer are paid to extend the existing functionality. And take it to the infinite limit for the ease of the end user.

WordPress is an efficient system in this ground. This open-source software gives the balance between built-in functionality. And tools to extend existing feature and also build new features on top of it. Programming WordPress plugins and advanced theme development is great with WordPress. Clients around the globe hire WordPress designer and developer. Just to extend the functionality or develop a new one and embed it to the existing website. Get this done and you are the top of all the stacks.

Most of the WordPress designer and developer require delicately designed front-end. Embed with highly sophisticated back-end so they do not have to start from scratch. Add or modify the existing themes free or licensed in the free directory or in the commercial themes market. Below are a few notable theme design companies:

WordPress for Freelancing as Copywriter.

Knowing the WordPress system will benefit the copywriter in numerous ways. All the copywriter should have their own website. Most probably the blog site will be awesome as you are the writer. By going through the section above you will get to know many themes. You can select one that suits your business and start dispersing your thoughts through blogs.

Once the site is up and running, take some time to learn about the great editing tools of the WordPress. They are built as a plugins or extensions or codes embedded in theme itself. Few unique features and the plugins that may come in handy are listed below:

WordPress for freelancing as Copywriter is an awesome deal. You will have an seo benefits from tools and plugins. You are a writer and you can get a plugins which manages your articles. This will help manage your article and incline it with SEO. Articles are great for SEO and wordpress is the right choice.

WordPress for Freelancing as Photographer.

Do you have a special eye with you to look in to the world different?. Do you have a passion to capture the right moment at the right time? Then WordPress is an irreplaceable gift for you to create an online portfolio. WordPress does not always demand a typed blog. A photo blogging is equally and in fact more popular in the WordPress system.

You can do a whole lot of works with your photos on WordPress. Uploading , re-sizing, cropping the images can be done on a fly. Adding a captions and texts and a links is no winder thing. You can have a page containing thumbnails which links to the bigger image. Guess what? All these features comes inbuilt with the WordPress core. Taking you photography blog to a higher level is no big deal. Use the whole range of sophisticated plugins and tools. Few are listed below:

  • NextGEN Gallery – Popular gallery plugins, includes great many features.
  • Flickr RSS – Embedding Flickr photos on your website.
  • Shadowbox – Implement light-box effect for images.

WordPress for freelancing as photographer is a real deal. You will have options of 1000’s of themes. There are free and paid themes. The themes are easy to use. The work is managed fully. You will have options of arranging and showcasing your work in a great way. I recommend all photographers to use WordPress for freelancing.

WordPress for Freelancing as Journalist.

Involved in personal reporting or being an owner of large news site? WordPress is a very efficient tools for your needs arising in this field.

Publishing the Advanced article with embedded videos and photos. And to manage the archives and the port categories. Managing the multiple authors and RSS feeds and many more things. These are are done with ease with WordPress. WordPress has the built in feature to handle all of the above mentioned functionality which I haven’t mentioned.

You can also start earning from the blog or online magazine by selling the advertising space. Take help of WordPress Advertising Manager . It is a feature-packed plugin which helps to manage the advertising space frequency time and serve up advertising on your site. Actually most of the themes mentioned above nowadays also include nice advertising space as widgets. A simple area to make advertisement management crisp to use. I highly recommend wordpress for freelancing as journalist. Packs of themes. Loads of Plugins. What else you need.

Few Things to know about WordPress.

The WordPress is Targetting moon and looking nowhere. In few years its popularity is going to burst out and every one in 10 persons will be familiar with it. Here are a few WordPress related things you must know to be future ready:

  • WordPress.org – The official site for the WordPress platform.
  • Installing WordPress – Your web host may have a 1-click install for WordPress, which is cheese.
  • WordPress Codex – The official documentation for WordPress.
  • WordCamp Central – The official hub for Word Camp events, which are held in cities all over the world.
  • WP Tavern – Excellent source of WordPress news, great podcast, and lively forums.
  • WordPress Resources – A nice list of WordPress resources separated by category.

I am a great wordpress enthusiast. I love wordpress. I have portfolio in wordpress. Its easy. Its simple. Its Superb. Its Excellent. Its a boon. Its a miracle. Its a great tool. Its diverse. Its magnificent. Its cool. Its manipulative, Its secure. Its amazing. Phewwww… its just wordpress but not just another tool.

How Do you Use WordPress.

Do let us know through comment, how you use WordPress. We may have few things to extract from it. After all sharing is caring. Sharing a knowledge will help sharpen it further.

Feedback about the article is always welcomed as I always like to be on learning curve.


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  • Jan says:

    Thanks for the share!
    I now got some idea on how i can use WordPress for photography. I would love to hear more from you.

    • sam says:

      Thanks Jan, Will be publishing the blog shortly on this regard also. Do watch out or subscribe the newsletter to avoid missing a chance.

  • pennysilvester says:

    This is Excellent. A very helpful article. I used to follow the other web blog of yours . I didn’t knew of this one. Anyways google helped me reached you 🙂 Do keep posting good articles.

  • ali.juffresi says:

    I am a freelance photographer and I think the way you have suggested me to try the wordpress I will have to give it a try. By the way id there any way I can test the website offline without purchasing a domain and a hosting service.?
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • jose.paranoid says:

    I have a custom built website for the Graphics design service I provide. It is very helpful for me to have an online identity. I am growing familiarity with WordPress because of its ease of maintenance and use. I was thinking of giving it a try. Will it be helpful for me. Is there any disadvantage of using WordPress in place of custom built website.

  • Bobbi Zapata says:

    This is some detail I was looking into.
    Thanks for the detail. Love it. Absolutely amazing.

  • Micha Subia says:

    I am a freelance journalist and I like the way you have iterated the things.
    I am not a developer or anything but I would like to know a little more about this topic in simple language.

  • JulianS says:

    Themeforest is the best place to get the theme. I have saw some other marketplace too but themeforest is the best.

  • Hana.Nason says:

    I have been doing the copyrighting for a while.
    I totally agree that WordPress is the best. I have absolutely no knowledge of coding and development in wordpress. But I am very confortable using the CMS. I manage and update my site myself and putting up blogs and adding new portfolio is just as easy as a cake.
    I would definitely recommend WordPress to anybody who is willing to get a site for his personal purpose.

  • Owen Hamon says:

    Being a WordPress developer, It is essential to know all these facts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Pear Loera says:

    During the development of the WordPress site I came to know about all of this.
    Experience is a great teacher.

  • Feldman says:

    I am doing web designing for past 5 years and I mostly suggest my clients to use WordPress CMS. It is easy to maintain, Provides security and framework updates regularly ad It has some hooks and features which is terribly awesome.

  • Ozella M says:

    This is not the complete list and there are many points to add here.

  • AftonBice says:

    Thanks for a helpful article.

  • SondraMotto says:

    I am a developer too and I would suggest not to use NextGen Gallery as it has many flaws which can harm your site.

    • wpcares says:

      Sometimes there is a problem with anything and everything.
      I am not sure about the issues you are talking about. But I will surely be cautious hereafter.

  • Buentello says:

    Graphic Design portfolio are best depicted using WordPress CMS with a nice template. I love it all the way around.

  • Angila Hannahs says:

    Lately my site was hacked and I would suggest to Update the WordPress frequently to avoid such incidents.

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