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Selling ad space in WordPress

Selling ad space is a great way to monetize your WordPress Site. But this comes with some pros and cons. We cannot directly state that selling ad space is good or not good. But with a little analysis we can be sure that whether to sell ad space or not.

Lets get on the brighter side first. Here is a detailed list of benefits that comes with selling ad space in your WordPress Site.

The pros of selling Ad Space in WordPress Site

Leveraging the site Traffic

Having a decent traffic to a site is awesome. But not taking the advantage of it is a loss of revenue. You might be carrying out some business or selling services or goods but making the most out of single visitors is whats makes it beneficial. So It is a great benefit to sell ad space when you have a decent traffic flowing through your site. If you go for impression or click ads then you may optimize the site as per it and make the most out of it.

Makes the Site look like pro

There is not much to say about the design. But when you have ads placed in your site, it give the feel of a professionalism. The visitor will think that people want to advertise on your site. This will in turn build trust. Your visitor will have an impression that your site is quite popular. This is best when you have the control over the site ad and the type of ad displayed on your site.

Have a mutually beneficial relationship

Selling ad space to someone at first may not be as thought of. But as you grow your partnership, there is benefit for both. Lets us assume that you have a website related to Cooking. But you are not interested in selling items used for cooking. So if you place the ad for someone who is selling items used for cooking then you can place those ad in your website. You site is well targeted and every customer or visitor that approaches you is likely to be interested in buying cooking items. So what can be sweeter deal than this?

Fixed income is a sweet deal

On selling the ad space you get the upfront payment on the regular interval. So now have an stable source of income. If you have the performance of their ad going smooth, there is a high chance that they will renew the contract with you. It is pretty Awesome that you will be constantly getting a decent amount to pay your bills without putting much effort on the ad.

The Cons of selling Ad Space in WordPress Site

Here is where the tension arises. There are drawbacks that comes in with selling ad space on your website. Sometimes there can be drastic impact on the business you carry using your website. Lets have a look at the details of the problems that can comes into play on selling ad space.

 Impact on Site Speed

This is the most undesired drawback on selling ad space. You may want to sell the ad space on multiple location of your site. There can be multiple ad running on your site thus it will inversely affect your site performance. As you might be aware of the search visibility is directly linked with your site Speed, you will need to have the site optimized for the great results. You might want to clean your WordPress site periodically. The slow site will result in an unpleasant user experience. The user may not want to return back and the site visibility in the search result will be reduced.

Design can be crippled

Once you have the Ad space sold, you have to place the ad in the designated space for the period till the contract with the advertiser remains active. The advertiser may want to put the design of his choice. You site may follow the design of another standard. This can totally ruin your design and having a bad impression on the brand that you want to project.  For example, if you own a site that follows the flat design standard and you have an ad running the design with 3D effects then that might not gel well and you end up loosing your identity and trust.

Low standard impression

When you are too much into selling ad space then you are ruining it all. Imagine a site with ad running all over the site. That would look too unacceptable and clearly shows your desperate attempt to monetize your site. The Ad place outside the designated area are considered to be a bad idea.

Sometimes it does not work well

This point may baffle you. But it is the most truthful statement I could mend. Selling ad brings the steady income but that comes only if the contract is renewed every time. The renewal of contract come only if the advertisers sees a benefit of putting ad in your website.  You will need a huge traffic for your site. If your traffic is too small then the visitors clicking on the ad is negligible and the advertisers will not be interested in renewing the contract with you. Now here is where optimization of ad comes into play. But that’s a totally different concept.

High Bounce rate

The bounce rate for the website will surely increase if you site is showing too many ads. The high bounce rate is very bad for your search visibility and appearance in the search result. The next big thing is that the site showing multiple ad will show multiple different verticals of product. The ad may be from different sectors, so there is a chance that the visitor will not make out the real direction as to where your site is taking him. This will ultimately make him bounce out of your site.

It will impact your business

Now this is which we all fear about selling the ad space. What if you and the advertiser both are working on selling the same products. Yes that is quite possible. When you turn yourself against your own business and place the ad of your competitor in your website just because of the few extra bucks that add up to your wallet, then you are not going in the right direction. Yes it is possible and it needs to be avoided. There is another situation where user comes with an intention to buy something for your site. He sees and ad on your site of something totally different and he gets more attracted to that product. Now he bounces off your site and he is now with your advertiser before he could buy something from you. How unfortunate can that be?

Theses are some of the pros and cons of selling the ad space in your WordPress website but the decision needs to be made considering all the facts and figures with benefits and drawbacks. Here is are few basic things to consider while monetizing your site.

You can get a details about the advertising manager for wordpress here and the Advertising Network Platform in this article. For more information on design of Ad you can contact Inkrise.

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