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Referral Exclusion List

Referral Exclusion List in Google Analytics is one of the most important features available in Google Analytics tool. For webmaster, it is an undeniably useful tool. It is a must have tool for blocking referral spam. Referral Exclusion List of Google Analytics is an option which helps you to exclude the spammy links appearing in you Google dashboard.

There are various ways of blocking referral Spam in Google Analytics. Referral Exclusion List is one of them. It is an option provided by Google Analytics tools. This is one of the numerous options in Analytics.

How to add domain in Referral exclusion list

After logging in to your Analytics dashboard, go to Administration>> (Select the account) >> Tracking Info >>Referral Exclusion List.

Here is the snap shot where you can find the Referral Exclusion List.

Referral exclusion list in Google Analytics

Once you Click on the Referral Exclusion list, you will be taken to a window similar as shown below:

Analytics referral spam filer

As you can see in above image. You need to include the domain name and not the sub-domain of the referral link. You can include the main domain and all its sub-domain will be counted as spam links.

So you will have a fairly short list of spam links. In most other techniques, we use the main domain as well as sub-domain. This method cuts that process into short.

Once you have inserted all the domains. You will have a list as shown below (Yes I have only two domains included). One is wpcares so that my internal links are not counted as referral and the next is semalt. You can add as many as you like.

Referral Exclusion List


Drop us a note if you like to discuss on anything stated above. You can also read more about blocking referral spam links in wordpress and other techniques.




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  • fred says:

    Thanks for the information.
    I have a question here.
    Does including the main domain help remove spam links from all of its subdomains. As I can see that semalt has been spamming my analytics report with spam referrer links and there are like 10 subdomains of semalt. I would like to remove it all from appearing in my analytics report ever again.

  • gaterjack says:

    How could I not think about this earlier? errrrrrr….
    This should have been done by just exploring. But hey, Thanks for this

    Now I believe that this will solve most of the Google Report issues of inconsistent data once and for all. (cheers)

    • wpcares says:

      I too thought I could have know this few years back then today would have been lot different. But look at the better side of the story. At least we know but most of the people do not. So thats a plus. 🙂

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