Monetizing WordPress Site

Monetize your WordPress Site

Monetize your WordPress Site to help you pay for your bills

Most of us have wondered at one time or the other that the website that we handle needs to be made more profiting. Here is when monetizing the Site Comes into play. There are many ways to do so. But if you are into content and blogging then you would be interested in Selling ad space on your site. If you have product or services to offer then selling the ad space may not be the right choice. We will discuss in details the pro and cons of selling ads to monetize your WordPress Site.

Creating ad Space in your website

There are many areas on the website which can be allocated to sell ads. Mostly used space to sell ads are header space, right Sidebar, footer and sometimes it can be between the blogs or the content. This spaces are used to monetize your WordPress Site helping you to pay your bills.

Header Ad Space is the most sorted space by the advertiser. This space is instantly visible to the visitors and it has high conversion rate as compared to other locations. And this space is visible in every page of the site.

Right Sidebar Ad Space is a decent area to show the ad. These area mo less sorted by the advertiser. But if we consider the pro and cons of this space it is beneficial for both parties. This space is used mostly to monetize your WordPress Site by the Owners. It has less distraction and the visitors can focus on the contents.

Footer Ad Space is also a great place to provide to advertisers. This is not hamper your site performance and it will be visible to the site user at the end. If your content is not much engaging then the footer is highly beneficial for the advertiser. But if your content is highly engaging then the website visitor may not reach till the end to visit the ad.

Within the content Ad Space is another way which is mostly used by the bloggers. The ad are placed within the content. This method to monetize the WordPress Site is used mostly by bloggers. The ad space is between the content so it is sometimes confused by the visitor that whether it is an ad or a part of the content unless clearly stated.

To monetize your WordPress Site you need to have a clear understanding on the pros and cons of selling the ad space.

When you have finally decided to sell your Ad Space to the advertiser, the Ad management comes into play. Now since you wanted to monetize your WordPress Site by selling Ad Space you have two choice on ad management. Either you use the ad management network or you  manage it your self using the WordPress Advertising Manager Plugins.

Managing your ad yourself will take up much time so its better to use the Ad Management Networks. You can focus on what you do best. Google Adsense may not pay you much but it is the best option available to begin with.

Also It is very important to get a decent traffic on your site before opting for Ad Placement. You will need to work on optimizing your site for the search engine. You site should have traffic constantly for better performance of your Ads.

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