Migrating WordPress Site easily using Duplicator

By December 12, 2013 Plugins, wordpress, WordPress Tutorials

Migrating WordPress Site arises while working with the Websites, domains and hosting. There comes several situations when we feel that one of the three is just not right. Here we require migrating WordPress Site. We may change the domain, or websites or hosting. Now here is the complex requirement to migrate the website.

Migration can be of three kind:

  • To same domain but different host.
  • To different domain but same host.
  • To different domain and different host.

In all of the above situation, we have a plugin called Duplicator. This Plugin comes in handy in many situations.

Download Duplicator here

Duplicator WordPress Plugin- Migrating WordPress Site

Duplicator is a free WordPress Plugin helping in migrating WordPress Site. It makes easy to migrate WordPress websites. Usually the WordPress developers use Backup-Buddy. But Duplicator is free alternative.

Copying a website using a Duplicator Plugin is as easy as cheese. Here is a generalized steps that you can follow. There may be a slight difference depending on your server or host.

Another good thing is prior installation of WordPress is not required in the destination or target.

Create a Backup Copy of the website –

Migrating WordPress Site

  • Install the Duplicator plugin and active it.
  • Now the Duplicator menu item is available in your Admin menu.
  • Click on the create Package to Create a Package set.
  • Download the Installer and the package.
  • Upload the installer and the Package to the destination or target where you wanted the site to be copied.


Now you have create a backup and transferred it to the destination

Creating the database -Migrating WordPress Site

  • The Duplicator plugin is supposed to be able to create databases. But if you want to create it manually then
  • In the cPanel, in Database Wizard, follow steps to create Database.
  • Create database with required name.
  • Create user with the required name.
  • Assign the new user to newly created database,
  • Grant the required privileges to the user you created

Installing the package-Migrating WordPress Site

  • Go to you new website url followed by /installer.php.
  • Insert the desired field in the settings section.
  • Insert the database information and test the settings.
  • Click on “I have read all warnings and notices.
  • Click on the install link and be calm for a while.
  • Follow the clearly depicted instruction depicted on the next page.
  • Remove the contents of wp-snapshots from the source system.



Any Issues in Migrating WordPress Site?

It is obvious to have issues in first usage. Any issues in Migrating WordPress Site can be sorted out in plugin page. Duplicator sometimes cannot create the Package and gets time-out. Do not hesitate to give it one more try. If the problem still persists than try not to include the folder wp-content. Manually copy the wp-content to the source using other file transfer methods.

More details can be seen at the Authors Plugin Page here.

What methods do you use to copy the WordPress website? Do share your process and let us know. We would love to have our process refined too.

For any help relating to migrating the wordpress site please do not hesitate to contact WPCares .


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  • steph says:

    Duplicator seems to be easy to use as per your writing. Have to try it but I have a question?
    It may sound a bit silly but still I want to know Do I have to take the backup of the site if anything goes wrong While using duplicator?

    • Samir Khanal says:

      No question is silly! 🙂
      Actually Duplicator can be used to take backups too so don’t worry nothing will go wrong and you can take a safe backup of your wordpress site using Duplicator.

  • Alyia says:

    I have question can you help me ?Recently I buy website from flippa. Seller said to me he transfered the wordpress blog to my hostagtor hosting. I want to know how can i access to wordpress login of my site. as after he is not reply me .. means how can find in hostagtor account my wordpress admin login and passward to access?

    • wpcares says:

      Hey Alyia, You can use the phpmyadmin in the hostgator cpanel to view your wordpress database. Inside the database there is a table with name wp_users (if it is not present then you may have a table ending with _users)

      You can open that table and edit the line which password you want to reset. or you can change the email present to your own and change the password from the admin panel.

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