Limiting Post Creation for Users

By September 7, 2015 Debugging, Plugins, wordpress

Limiting Post Creation for WordPress Users may not be necessary for solo bloggers. But if you have a multi blogger site you may stumble upon this need. This is not available so easily. At first we would wonder why anyone would think about Limiting Post Creation for WordPress users. But as we know we would love to have this facility in a time based manner. We would want that an author can post only 30 blogs in 30 days. Wouldn’t that be an awesome feature? It would be great to limit the number of posts per week or per month. Even limit it per day too.

If you have a membership site where you allow your users to advertise their product or services. Now you would want to limit this ability. wouldn’t you? Yes some of the user may start posting anything and thats when this comes in handy.

Limiting Post Creation for WordPress Users helps you to stop them from spamming. It helps you to get quality contents. Think about a site where author knows that you can post one article per week. Now he will try his best to create the best article as only one article is posted in a week. Now this helps you get quality content for your site.

Limiting Post Creation for WordPress Users

For Limiting Post Creation for WordPress Users you need to install and activate the Limit Posts Plugin. The details for installing a plugin can be found in our older blog post.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will need to visit settings >> Limit Posts page of the plugin. You need to add new limit by clicking on “Add New Limit” button.


On Clicking Add New Limit, there will be a pop up box. You can select the user role, or even username.You can select maximum posts to be allowed. You can then select type of post. Lasty you can select the frequency in which these posts limit to be applied. Once done, click on “add”.

Limit Post in WordPress

A new row will be added for this rule. You can add multiple rule. you can add rule for each users or according to permission.

After adding all the permissions, click on “Save Changes”.

There you go. Now the user can post only within specified limit. If you need to know about adding nofollow with codes than you would like to check article on how to do nofollow in wordpress using codes

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