How to show hidden files

How to show hidden files in CPanel

I have been using Cpanel for over a year. I know how to show hidden files in in cPanel’s File Manager.  Yesterday when I was working on one of my client’s Site, I needed to edit a .htaccess file. Then I logged in to the Cpanel and went directly to the Filemanager. There I could not see the .htaccess File. Now I knew something which actually got blank at that time. Then I decided that once I solve my issue I will write a blog on How to show hidden files in Cpanel’s File Manager. This was an interesting situation for this idea.

How to show hidden files in CPanel’s File Manager?

Needless to say that the .htaccess file always exist in the server. I knew that the .htaccess file was not shown only because the files were hidden. Then suddenly I recalled that there is an option to show the hidden files. I searched everywhere in that page and couldn’t find it. Then I started searching all over again from the top of the page in an organized way.

file manager in cpanel

This didn’t help much. Yes there was no option to show the hidden files on that page. Ultimately I surrendered and did a little google on that.

Showing hidden files in CPanel’s File Manager?

Now here is the little trick. The option to show the hidden files is not located in the File Manager page. It is located in the main page when you click on the file manager icon. Here is a little image that can make all the things as clear as crystal.

showing hidden files in cpanel


This was the simple thing that I was  missing and I had searched the whole page for the option on How to show hidden files but could find nothing. Sometimes simple things like this can be such a pain. But keeping focus and keeping it straight helps a lot.

If you find this interesting, do share and spread the Noise. You can also check out on Increasing Maximum Upload Limit using .htacess Files. 

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