How to pick a best domain name

First step to start your brand is to pick the best domain name . It might sound a little simple at first but as you grow more and more you will realise its importance. Picking the right name is the first step taking it to success. It is really hard to rebrand a new name in the middle when you finally realise that you have chosen a wrong name. It is a very well known truth that most of us underestimate the value of domain name and might take a wrong move. We recommend you to think and think and think before finalizing a name. It’s absolutely going to be worth. Here I have summed of few points that helps you choose the best domain name.

Things to consider while picking domain name

It may seems pretty absurd at first as why to incur such great effort in picking a name. But just think about what it would sound like if samsung had a name hullala Bulaboo electronics. ? This is just an example to show how important the name is. It may now seem to you that picking a name is quite tough. It’s not that tough either. Its just that you need to get your vision right. I have summed of few key aspects that are basics to be known beforehand.


It is very important that your brand name be easily memorable. It should be catchy. Once a user visits your site he should be able to remember it the next time. It is know that sometimes most unrelated and catchy domains do the trick. Remember olx, It has nothing in it but its on fire now. How did that happen? Olx is very easy to pronounce and it may sound difficult to remember as it does not have any meaning but its advantage over ease is much higher.

Thus we need a name that is easier to pronounce and easier to remember.


Another vital point to note while choosing the domain name is the keyword. Yes Keyword is very important. It is like a marketing investment. Keyword help in ranking your site in Search. It may though be very tough to get a name with keyword but if you can shell out some bucks, than you will do a great favour to yourself. You need to get your creativity in test here.


Length of the domain name is much important. Here we take the shortest possible domain name. Some time while implementing keyword we tend to forget about the length. But we need to be very careful about the length of the Keyword. The shorter the length, its more easier to remember.


Tld or top level domain is the section after your name. Youy name could be or or but we highly recommend .com tld. Let me clarify this. If you want to expand your product or services to a world class level you need .com domain. Your may cater to UK only. You relevance in search will be tremendously reduced to other parts of the world other than UK. So go for a commercial domain i. e . .com only.

Other factors

Other factors includes inclusion of hyphens or numbers. We do not recommend hyphens to be included in the name. If is not available, you may think of But trust me. That is the worst idea to have. You got to be clear on this. Hyphens are a no no. Not just because  it has any technical reasons but because it is not comfortable. A user who uses “dot” to differentiate between name and tld does not want another special character. This will also add up to difficulty in remembering the name.

Name should be easy to brand. It should not be something like It should be pronounceable. Atleast if somebody asks you then you should be able to say it at one go. Not like “My Website is F S B N F T Y dot com” ?

Hope you liked our article on how to decide for the best domain name. If you are looking for hosting, you would love Cloudbison. Let us know how you choose you name for your brand. If there is any point you would love to add, drop us the note and we can discuss.

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