Installing WordPress- A few simple steps

By November 7, 2013 wordpress, WordPress Tutorials

Installing WordPress is cheese. 🙂 I just never wanted to write a blog about Installing WordPress.  But I have encountered with few people who would not like the way the official instruction is written. Or they never understood it. Some cases hosting companies complexities bothered.

WordPress is popular for its ease of installation. All the premium hosting companies allows one click for installing WordPress. In most scenarios, installing WordPress takes less than ten minutes to complete. I will try to provide a detailed instructions in this blog. Will try to target the beginners and the advanced users. I will explain installing WordPress on Fantastico, Softaculous and simple scripts. Will also let the beginners know hot to install WordPress on local computer. Yes, I will consider windows, Mac and Linux.

Care before Installing WordPress

You will have to own a domain name and a good hosting company. There are many hosting companies who provide hosting for WordPress.

Installing WordPress using Simplescript

Simple script are used by most of the hosting providers. It allows the user a one-click installation. For you to be able to use simplescript your host should have it installed already.

You will see something like below when you log in to your control Panel.



On Clicking on WordPress  you will be directed to a page with an install button.  depicted below. From here you can manage all your WordPress installations.



After clicking on install button, you will be redirected to installation preferences. Here you can select the location where you want WordPress to be installed. You can set the blog title. Yes off corse you can change it later easily. You have to choose a credential for admin here.

Now accept the terms and conditions and complete the installation.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed the WordPress. Now you can go to yoursite/wp-admin and log in using the same credential you have provided. Whew! There you go.

Installing a wordpress is well explained here. Downloading of wordpress can be done here

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