WordPress Download and install

How to install WordPress?

Install WordPress in your Server

I have written quite a few blogs until today. I thought I am going pretty good but I came to know I was missing something. I have found many people who is really confused on installing WordPress. They wanted a quick tutorial on How to install WordPress. I thought of including this in my blog too.

Step by Step Guide to install WordPress

I will try to pride step by step detailed instruction so that you can install WordPress easily on your web host.

1. Download the latest WordPress installation Package

The first step on installing WordPress is to get the latest package from WordPress.org.

The package  consists of all the files necessary for the WordPress to run. Download that file and save it to your local drive. It is highly recommended to download the latest stable version of WordPress.

WordPress Download and install


2. Upload Latest WordPress Files to your server

Now the next step is to upload the files to your server. There are two ways to do that. One is using the FTP Client. Second is using the filemanager console of your panel.

Uploading Files Using the FTP Client

Extract the archive downloaded from WordPress Site. Download the Filezilla or any other FTP Client that you prefer. We recommend Filezilla. It is opensource and free to download.

You will need the access details for the FTP from your Hosting Panel. Use that details to connect to the server.

Filezilla transfer


Once connected, the interface similar to above appears. The left side is your local filesystem directory. The right  one is your server directory. Browse to the directory where you want to install the WordPress. If you want to install in root directory then you can upload it directly to httpdocs folder. Else you can upload in other respective directory. If you do not want to use Panel then you can follow the below steps to use panel else you can skip the next section.

Uploading Files Using the Panel

Uploading the files using the Panel is Super easy. Login to your Hosting Panel and click on file manager icon.



Click on upload button. Here is the trick now. You cannot upload folder here. You can upload the files only. You need to archive the files and upload the zip file to the server. Once the zip file is uploaded, you will have an option to unzip it in the server. Once that is unzipped you are done with uploading the WordPress file to server using File Manager.

Create the MySql Database

Different Panels have different option to create the database. But it is not a rocket science. Go to phpmyadmin in the hosting panel.

database phpmyadmin


Insert the Database Name, Database UserName and Password. You will need this details while installing the WordPress. Once done Click OK.

Final WordPress Installation Process

Now we have the Database details and the files are uploaded to the server.

In final steps to install WordPress, go to the url of your site, where you have uploaded the files. The url will be http://yourdomainname.com/ There will be a message that there is no wp-config.php file. It will have a button to create Configuration File. Click on that button to start the process.

The next page will be an instruction page which will tell you what you require for installation. Click on Let’s Go button at the left bottom of the page.



In the above page, put all the details that you have used in creating the database. The Database host is generally localhost. If not it will be specified while creating the database so keep an eye on database host while creating the database.

You can use any table prefix. We recommend not to use the default one like wp_. You can use any other prefix. Use something that is hard to guess.

After that Click on Run The Install . That’s it. This will install WordPress. You are almost done. Now you can fill out the site details and the username and password that you want to use as WordPress  Admin. Now you can enjoy developing site in WordPress after this. The development process includes installing themes and installing plugins.

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