Creating WordPress Site

Creating WordPress Site is fairly simple if you follow few simple steps.  WordPress is the most easy to use and user friendly CMS available. More than 23% of the website is powered by WordPress.

Creating WordPress Site quickly

There are few steps which needs to be followed before we start creating WordPress Site.

The first and the foremost thing is to get the best domain name for your site.  The domain name is your identity. Its the brand that you are going to build.

Secondly you will need to Install WordPress in your server. It is fairly Simple and you can check out our article on installing the WordPress in your server.

Now we have The domain name and the WordPress installed on the server. We can now move on to creating WordPress Site.The next thing is to install WordPress theme to your site. You can check out some of the great themes at themeforest. Or you can choose the free themes from the WordPress Theme directory.

After Installing the themes, there are few plugin we recommend to be installed. The Plugins like contact form 7 and SEO by yoast are a must have plugins. Install these plugin before we move on to the next section.

Once the plugins are installed, we move to  creating WordPress Site beginning with Post creation.Creating the WordPress Post is super easy. Goto Posts >> Add New

A new screen with the WYSIWYG editor appears. You can use the tools provided there to create the posts. After Completing Writing the article you can publish the post or schedule the post to be published later.

You can play around with the features provided while creating WordPress site . You can upload the featured images on the right bottom of the page. You can specify the category of the post.  There is a Category widget on the right hand side. There is a Add New Category Link. Click on it to Add New Category. You can add Tags for the post as well.  You can save the post as draft and preview changes. You can have a peek on how it look before publishing the article. Once completed you can publish or schedule for later to be published.

You can add pages to the site. You can Go to Pages >> Add New. It is fairly similar to creating the post. You can add the required text and images using the WYSIWYG editor. You can create as many pages as you like. You would basically needs few pages like Homepage, Contact us, services , blog etc. Once all the Pages are created the next big thing is creating the main menu.

Creating the main menu is much easier with the latest version of WordPress. Go to Appearance >> Menus 

menu in wordpress


You will see a screen similar to the above image. As you can see on the screen-grab, there are many options. First of all you need to add pages to menu. As seen in the above image I have already inserted Home, Portfolio etc. But this can be done easily.

The pages Section on the left where there is options like Most Recent, View all and Search, there you will find all the pages you created. Browse to view all. You will see the list of pages you have published in your site. Check all the pages you want to appear in the menu. Click on Add to menu. It will be added to the menu on the left. You can drag and drop the menu and arrange it as per your wish. If you want to cascade then drag a little right than its parent menu and it will be cascaded.

If you want to insert a post in the menu you can do so by checking on the posts on the left. You can also insert a custom link from the left menu options. You can add categories to the menu items too. Once all of this is added, you can arrange the menu as per your wish. Now since this is done. We now need to Save Menu.

Wait! There is a Menu setting. Auto add pages will add the any new pages you create automatically to the list at its end. So this you may probably unpick it. Next is Primary Menu. You will need to tick this as this will be the main menu for your Site.

Click Save and you have a  menu on your site showing according to your configuration. You can create menu  like this but you can use only one menu as primary menu. Rest needs to be hooked to the theme.

Like I said, Creating WordPress Site isn’t that tough. It is just about the right Knowledge and tools. If you need further help Creating WordPress Site with advanced features do contact us with your requirement.

Now you have all the basic things for the website. You can enjoy customizing it and taking it step ahead. Do check out our blog to Know more about WordPress and how to customize it. If you have any comments and feedback, Feel free to drop it in the comment box below. Good Luck Creating WordPress Site.

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