Chrome Bug that Breaks Admin Menu

I have been received many notification from my clients that there is something wrong with wordpress which breaks Admin Menu. The admin menu located on the left is looking disturbed. I tried myself and as a chrome user, I could instantly see that something breaks Admin Menu for sure.

I was pretty confused as to what breaks Admin Menu in WordPress. I wasted few hours trying to debug it out with no result. Than I suddenly thought to replicate the site and create a development environment. Then I thought I would do some update on other blog and check that problem later. And when I logged in to other sites I saw the same problem. Then I checked few other blog and found the same issue.

I did some research as I was thinking this might be due to the new WordPress update which breaks Admin Menu. Then I finally came to know this was working well with firefox and Safari.

On some more research I found this was all due to the chrome update. Chrome version 45.0.2454.85 produced the inconsistency in the admin menu every time.

I came across the problem Source which said that Slimming Paint was the main culprit. The Slimming Paint is enabled by default in Chrome. Once you Disable the slimming  Paint in Chrome the problem disappears. so Slimming Paint breaks Admin Menu in WordPress.

Process to disable the Slimming Paint in Chrome that breaks admin menu in WordPress

Visit the following link in chrome.


Once you visit the above link you will be directed to a page similar to shown below

Slimming point


Now Enable the “Disable Slimming Point”. Also you need to make sure that the other two Enable options are disabled. The other two options value may override so you need to disable them too.

This problem was notified to the chrome development team. According to them They are working on solving this issue. We hope that this will be fixed in the coming release of Chrome.

Till the permanent fix is available, this temporary fix may help you to get the menu sorted out.

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