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Change Gravatar on WordPress Blog

Oh Yes! This blog is just gonna sound silly if you are already aware of the process. Personally, I have wasted a lot on it. Way back in 2009. When I first started using WordPress. I had a trouble to change gravatar mystery man to my personal profile picture. I had wasted almost a week. Discover that it was just few silly steps. I believe you will find this blog helpful. It helps to change gravatar. If you are hoping to change gravatar on personal WordPress blog then read ahead.

 change gravatar WPCares wordpress designer.

Since there are ways to change gravatar. I would like to show you the two different ways. Change gravatar on personally designed WordPress blog with ease.

The Gravatar pulls the image from Gravatar site. It uses your email used in the blog. We can either of two techniques.

  1. Change the image in Gravatar(no coding)
  2. Point to the local directory to pull the image (coding required)

Change Gravatar on Personal WordPress Blog without coding

First of all you need to know what email you are using. It is the same email that you have used to register for the wordpress blog.

You can find it it in the Admin Panel >> Users>>Your Profile

Gravatar change in WordPress website.

A personal blog designed with wordpress default image can be changed with few simple steps

Check out the email in the Contact info section of the page. Using the same image register to You can follow the link in the image given below to register there with your email.

After Going to that site just register with the same email and set a profile pic that you want to display in the blog. Do remember that this will be replicated to all your WordPress blogs where you are using the same email id. Also you can add other emails in the same profile and manage a single profile picture in one place.

After setting a desired profile picture just wait for a minute and refresh your personal blog page. There you go. Now you will be seeing the image.

This is the most simple and best practice. Any other methods are optional and used for other purpose like change gravatar default image and not changing the user profile picture.


Change Gravatar on Personal WordPress Blog with codes

If you are good at codes than you can write a small bit of code to pull the image from the local as your profile image.

It is the technique of setting a default gravatar for the people without a picture at Gravatar. I recommend to use the first step for your profile image. and use this method to set a default image for those who do not have profile image.

Steps to be followed Change Gravatar on Personal WordPress Blog

1. Open functions.php in the theme folder inside the WordPress directory at your server.

2. Then paste the below shown code in there.

add_filter( 'avatar_defaults', 'newgravatar' );
function newgravatar ($avatar_defaults)
$myavatar = get_bloginfo('template_directory') . '/images/gravataricon.gif';
$avatar_defaults[$myavatar] = "Yourname";
return $avatar_defaults;

This is just the default image of the users who are not registered to WordPress or Gravatar with the email used currently.

Hope you find this helpful. Will hope to see your new Gravatar in comment. 🙂 Will try to write more on this topic at later stage. But I believe this is what you have been searching for. As I mentioned earlier this is gonna be very silly things when you know it.



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